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HOW DOES THIS HAVE SO FEW REBLOGS you people are making me feel so old and I’m really not even an adult yet.

we still have one of these in my house… it doesn’t get used, but we still have it.

do people really not remember…..?

a relic from the past ages

Come on man! You can still buy this! Given it has its younger son attached to it usually…

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uh fuckkkk I slept on the floor with Cuthbert and it was glorious





Dialects of the Italian language

We may cry foul about the rules of English, but thank God the only thing we have to worry about is diction and accents, and not dialects.

And please consider that each of these dialectal region corresponds to different traditions, different mentality, different culture. Not to mention that, syntactically, Italian is one of the most difficult Neo-Latin languages because of the immense number of irregular verbs.

Gosh I love my country.

And dialects have different phonetic systems, different vocabulary, slang words derived from foreign languages and so on. Sometimes I find it difficult to recognize a dialect even though I can perfectly understand the dialect of its neighbouring cities. Even Rome itself has variations based on the suburb. Calabria, for example, has some dialects that are very similar to Sicilian, like Rosarnese (28), even though it’s not as close to Sicily as other parts of the region. And some colloquial terms (of dialects in Southern Italy) are derived from not only Greek, but also Arab. Among others. A lot of dialects are pretty much considered as languages of their own, not unlike Sardinian (which is officially a language of its own). It’s really complicated because, if the school system doesn’t do its job, this huge variety creates a reverse illiteracy towards Standard Italian.

Another thing I think could be noted is that there’s also a lot of mingling between dialects because of migrations from Southern Italy to the North. I met a relative from Calabria, recently, who went to live in Verona and she not only speaks and understands both dialects, but also uses words from Veronese when speaking in Calabrese. So it’s not only a sign of an incredibly rich cultural diversity (some meals have different names based on the region/city, for example), but also a chance for seeking mutual understanding. Or, if you’re a xenophobic asshole, a chance for discrimination.

The fact that there are a lot of dialects helps a lot with integration for sons of migrants, from what I’ve seen. They’re easier to pick up (dialects, I mean) because they’re more used with friends, in informal settings, and they help create bonds. Sadly enough, a person of foreign descent is less likely to be discriminated if they have an accent or speak a dialect. And before tumblr jumps at me for cultural erasure, don’t worry, everyone still keeps their own cultural elements. 

So, yeah, next time you wonder what’s the level of language proficiency in Italy, look at this map. An Italian will (have to) learn Standard Italian, its area’s dialect(s), English, a second foreign language starting from middle school (French or Spanish, but some schools also started offering Chinese as an option, in the last few years) and, if they choose to, Latin and Ancient Greek in high school. Some also develop great accents, some don’t. But now you know what they have to deal with ;)

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whyyyyy does my face attract gnats

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bird friends~ `v´


(◕‿◕✿) flower effect

I named her Shepard. Like N7 Jane Shepard. The red hair, the biotic-colored circuitry. It was fate.

I named her Shepard. Like N7 Jane Shepard. The red hair, the biotic-colored circuitry. It was fate.


…you have a uni tan line. And sock tan line. And t-shirt tan line. And yet another tan line from your spandex. “Do my multiple tan lines turn you on?” Quality pickup line that won’t fail.

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I’m kind of hunting for a new laptop. Anyone have recommendations for one that is decent with gaming for less than $700 USD?